The bottom line of savings over last year I estimate to be approximately $1400. "WOW!" Just had to send you this note of THANKS for all your time, effort and "caring" you devote to serving us. With great appreciation.

 Bud & Elaine B. - Martinsville

My husband and I feel very confident and comfortable, having nothing but praise for the insights, care of details and professionalism shown by Mr. Kneifel through this process. I am no longer questioning my choices for Medicare. We have and will in the future gladly recommended Mr. Kneifel to others.

 Virginia C. - Plainfield

Many thanks for all your help and guidance with my Medicare sign ups. I can't imagine doing this on my own -- you are a gift and rest assured I'll be referring my friends to you when it's their turn!

 Mary Beth M. - Indianapolis

We just want to take the time to say thank you for all the help and advice you have given us on our  coverage. I know we can count on you to answer all our questions, and check on things for us whenever we need you.                                                            Stan & Jean Q. - Cloverdale



Harry will work with you for any needs you may have, and follow up with you to be sure you are happy. He's always a gentleman, and he has saved me a lot of money.                                                                                                                              Don D. – Martinsville



My husband and I started with Kurt many years ago. We needed someone we could trust with our hard-earned money. He

has always answered all our concerns and questions. We have been very happy with his investments. We do not understand the stock markets and we trust Kurt's advice.

 Phyllis & Bernard K. - Richland Center



Thank you so much for the advice and tip about Social Security. You helped us find a lot of money!

 David & Barbara K. - Carmel



When we retired we needed help finding a supplemental insurance that fit each of our needs. We had many offers in the mail, and we were very confused. Kim went above and beyond to help us find a plan within our means. Kim did a lot of research, especially for me since I have a chronic disease.

 Ray & Alice H. - Lone Rock



I was very impressed with the personal and professional sevice Kneifel & Associates gave me. Kurt looked through the investments I had, then suggested other companies he felt would give me the best, safe growth for my retirement. Kurt took time to get to know me and answered questions so I understood. Your caring ways earned my trust and respect. I have recommended Kneifel & Associates to friends and neighbors and will continue to do so. I look forward to a continued relationship with you.

 Sheila B. - Avoca



Here are some special notes on our association with Harry: 1) He has a friendly, reserved manner. 2) He takes time to explain things to make sure we understand. 3) He encourages us to call with any questions, and always follows up on his calls. 4) He is not intimidating and uses no pressure tactics. 5) He's a perfectionist when it comes to detail, and goes the extra mile to find answers to any question he's not sure of. 6) He has always given us trustworthy advice on both financial and health care needs.                                                                                                                                                          Carl & Sandy M. - Indianapolis



My parents worked hard and saved well but it wasn't until they invested their hard-earned nest egg with Kneifel & Associates that they became completely secure in their retirement and beyond. Because of the success my parents have had growing their money with Kurt and his team, I've followed their lead as well. A prosperous, safe and solid financial future is within your reach with Kneifel & Associates.

 Jill C. - Sun Prairie



I am very happy and satisfied with the service that Harry Kneifel has provided me. It is also reassuring to know he is just a phone call away.                                                                                                                                                                              Marilyn H. – Indianapolis



I have been with Kurt for 10 years. He is always available for my questions with good advice. I feel my investment is safe.

 Joan B. - Spring Green



Harry was recommended to us by a family member. She spoke very highly of him and encouraged us to give him a call to help us with the transition of retirement and getting our Medicare supplements lined out. We are so thankful that we did. After being a victim of a Ponzi scheme with a Christian-based investment company, we had a lot of trust issues. Harry understood this. Not only is he honest with you, he is great to work with. He really cares about doing the right thing for each person. He takes the time to answer any questions you have and makes sure you understand your plan. He is always just a phone call or email away, is always patient and is very down to earth. He did all the work and came up with the right plan that fit our budget and our needs. We would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again for all your help.

 Mike & Jeanne H. - Bedford



If anyone is looking for a person to help you with your investments or how to go about investing, I strongly recommend Mr. Kurt Kneifel of Avoca, WI. He will have many options for you to address your needs and situation. Again, I recommend Kurt. He has helped me out, especially since I am a widow.

 Rose Mary W. - Richland Center



Harry came into our lives in 2011. I didn't know what to do with my 401-K, and he was very knowledgeable and put me at ease right away. He let us talk on and on about our lives, our family, our fears. He always listened and was genuinely interested in what we had to say. He made everything clear and easy for us to understand. I was very pleased with what we did with my savings and also how he advised us on our supplementary insurance. Every time we called he was always glad to hear from  us and was always available."                                                                                                                 Alice & David F. - Martinsville



We have known Kurt for several years and have found him to be honest, hardworking and very reliable. Before retiring we were concerned about who to get to help with our retirement fund. We had much positive feedback about Kurt. We can say Kurt took the time to find out our way of living and spent time with us explaining where he thougght we should put our money and why. We are pleased with where we are at, and he is always available if we have questionis or concerns.

 Ray & Alice H. - Lone Rock



We have been dealing with Harry for quite a few years.  We have been very happy with his performance and knowledge on every company he handles.  When he says he will get back with you on something, he always does, which means a lot in the business world today.  We have been very satisfied with his service and hope to do more business in the future.      Bill & Carolyn Q. - Camby



If asked what we thought of Harry Kneifel, the answer would be easy. Harry is wonderful. He is very well educated and up to date in all the insurance changes. His patience is never ending when explaining some of the more confusing new laws, and always is trying to make sure his clients get the absolute most coverage they are paying for. A very simple way of putting it would be to say, as soon as we met Harry we not only knew he was an excellent advisor, but also felt as though he was a good, and long lasting friend. We would recommend Harry to anyone looking for a dependable, honest person to help them them with their needs.”                                                                                       

 Karen & Guy F. - Martinsville



Are you searching for someone able to show you how to “significantly cut” your medical and prescription drug costs, yet fully meet your specific needs? After the confusion and failure of searching on our own, we made a call to Harry for help. In the first year he led us not only to increased coverage, but at a reduced annual cost exceeding $1000 in savings. Each year he faithfully reviews our changing needs and provider costs – always leading us to changes that provide containment of advancing insurance costs. Harry is a rare professional. He is faultlessly competent – honest and reliable. And, just as important, he becomes a welcome friend – like family. Harry is a treasure in the minefield of health insurance. Find out for yourself – call Harry.                                                                                                                                Dolph & Elaine B. – Martinsville



Harry has a vast knowledge, will return your calls and answer, or get the answer to, your questions. He is very flexible with meeting times and is sociable. We have enough confidence in Harry to recommend him to both our family and our friends.  

 Truman & Jane H. - Martinsville



I really appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you very much!                                                                           William P. – Martinsville



When, a few years ago, my Medicare supplement insurance kept increasing in price, I decided to look elsewhere. Harry Kneifel suggested that he could find a better deal for me. How glad I am that I followed up with his assistance! He found me a supplement for a much lower cost but with all the same benefits. The transition was completely hassle-free with no break in the continuity of my coverage. I have made this change twice now, and I can honestly say that I have saved several hundred dollars by doing so each time. It is comforting to know that Harry, acting as my agent, is always on the lookout for the least costly insurance for me. I know that I can call upon him with questions or concerns of any kind, and I know I’ll get immediate service and attention.                                                       

 Rosalynn D. – Camby



This is to pay homage to Harry Houdini aka Harry Kneifel.  We laughingly named him this because of his ability to educate us on the complicated subject of insurance.  At some point, I think he noticed my eyes were glazing over, clearly not understanding anything he was saying of the various choices I could make. However, I forgot to mention that his middle name is Perseverance, and that he did.  Harry didn't leave until he saw a gleam in my eyes. I won’t tell you how long that was... it would make me appear to be slow in comprehension. We can't say enough about how much he has helped us, how much money he has saved us, and, painfully, how much we spent in our ignorance.  In my opinion he should be an instructor with his knowledge of all things pertaining to over 65 benefits. Thank God for people like Harry who can help senior citizens, and to educate them on their rights. Thank you Harry for being there in our hour of need.       Barbara & Ed Y. - Monrovia



My wife and I were looking for health insurance, and, after having group health for over 35 years, it was no easy task being dumped by my former employer. We went to seminars and talked to agents from different companies, but were getting no results. My wife got Harry’s number, so, after one more boring insurance session, I gave him a call. I thought we would have to go to his office, and go through the same routine, but he came to our home instead, which was great. He presented himself well, and proved to be far beyond anyone’s intelligence and knowledge in the insurance and health care field. He will treat you like a person and will answer your questions, or get the answers for you. He is not just about the almighty dollar. He is available for you night and day, and is a very trustworthy person. I would recommend him to anyone for insurance and guidance now and in the future. Thank you, again, Harry.             

 Steve & Donna B. - Martinsville

Harry, I am so grateful for your help getting me registered for Medicare. I know you spent a lot of time researching all the info for me, and I can't thank you enough -- I know it is the right program for me.

Anita D. - Cuyahoga Falls, OH